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How much does a boudoir session cost?

We have a range of packages which include different options and include a pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe and style advice, professional hair and makeup, a 2-3 hour boudoir session and professional retouching of all final images. How you to intend to display your final images will have some bearing on which package you choose. All pricing is upfront and open with no surprise add ons.  Feel free to contact us about available packages.


How do I prepare for my session?

Preparing for your session will be easier than you think. Every client receives a copy of the Prep Guide during their consultation and a few weeks before their session, another reminder will be sent. We are never going to ask or expect you to drastically change yourself—no crash dieting or extreme makeovers. We want you to come as yourself because that is who we are celebrating!


When do I get to see my photos?

Once your session is done your images get loaded into our system and will be available for viewing in a private online portfolio within a few days. From here you can make your final choices and let us know your favourites. From here we will process and print your images accordingly.


I am not sure if  want my images shared, is that ok??

Hell yes!!!  You NEVER have to share your images anywhere. Our clients privacy is number one on our list and we will always respect your wishes. If you do decide you want to share (a surprising number of women actually change their mind mid shoot) we will determine which platforms (website, social media, blog etc) you want to allow your photos on and with what restrictions.

I am not sure how to pose or what looks good in the camera, can you help??

Yes!!! Direction is given throughout shoot with images reviewed as we go. Your feedback is taken on aboard and any refinements made as necessary. We try not to over pose you as we want your photos to be uniquely you but a bit of coaching into a pose can make a big difference.

Who will actually be photographing me??

Your photographer is Peter, he is full time working professional photographer with many international awards to his name. There is a good chance someone you know has already been photographed by him so be sure to ask around if you wish. All direction throughout shoot is verbal (so be sure to know your left from your right!!!), there is no physical interaction between client and photographer.  If you you would like female assistant on hand to help with wardrobe and posing etc just ask in advance, this is easily arranged.

I am not as confident as some of the women I have seen in your portfolio, will this hinder the shoot??

Absolutely not!! The truth is you don't know how confident those women really are, you don't know their story or how they see themselves. All you see is the end result, the result of a process which included conversation, truth, open hearts and maybe a bit of coaching in one form or another.  You choose your own personal comfort level and we work towards that.

I am sure I will need the help of Photoshop, is this possible??

All final edits are processed and retouched individually to a level which is still natural and "You". Some clients prefer no Photoshop whatsoever and that is fine as well. You have to be able to relate to the images when you look at them. It is possible to remove scars, stretch marks, bruises etc but you should let us know at the time of shoot what your individual preferences are.


I think I’m ready! How do we get started?

 The next step is to contact us and book your consultation. Each client will receive a complimentary in-person consultation where we will go over all the fine details, chat a little bit and get to know each other a little more. You will get an introduction to the studio and an explanation on how it all works. To get started on your session, please visit our Contact Page or send an email to info@studioboudoir.co.nz