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Testimonials And Feedback

Beautiful, Sensual And Elegant Boudoir Photography For Women

A fun and professional photo shoot at Studio Boudoir in Auckland is more than just about the creation of beautiful and artistic images. It is an amazing experience with you as the centre of attention. Every boudoir photo shoot is unique, just like you, and every boudoir shoot is also highly rewarding and provides you with a unique and memorable experience that you will never forget!!!

Below are just a few  testimonials that I have received from my boudoir clients.


Hey Peter!


I just wanted to thank you so so much for our session today, you’re incredible and made me feel so comfortable and confident! I have fallen In love with doing photos shoots and already have so many fun ideas I hope to do with you one day!



I can't thank Peter enough for the amazing experience. Throughout the whole process he was professional and attentive, listening to my ideas and expectations. He was well-prepared for the shoot and went above and beyond to get the perfect shots and make sure I was happy with them! He put his whole creative energy into the shoot, gave fantastic guidance, and made me feel at home in front of the camera. The final shots are AMAZING, so much more beautiful than I ever thought possible. His creative know-how and eye for the beauty of the female form produced incredibly aesthetic pictures that I will treasure for a life time. Great value for money too. I had consultations at a few other studios and Studio Boudoir was without a doubt the best value for money for the highest quality product. Would easily recommend the experience to Studio Boudoir for all women, you won't regret it.




Peter is such an amazing photographer. He made the entire experience super empowering and you have lots of different background styles and photo styles. Would 10/10 recommend Peter to make you feel amazing and empowered in your own skin. I've never felt so amazing in a photo! You will not regret getting your photos done by Peter.



Peter these are incredible!!

Thank you so so much - you really are amazing at what you do.

Thanks for making me feel so comfortable and empowered and thank you for making me look so good! Sorry for trashing the studio..... but I love love love all these shots.


I am beyond thrilled!!!


Peter was amazing, I am incredibly pleased with my photos, they are more than what I had hoped for.


I really couldn’t recommend Peter highly enough! I have always wished to have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot and my upcoming wedding was the perfect time. Always being one to hide from a camera, Peter calmed my nerves and made me feel incredibly comfortable. I am in absolute awe of my final images and can’t thank Peter enough for being so professional, calming and for providing such a comfortable environment. For my first time, it exceeded my expectations and I never thought I could be that girl in that image! Thank you for proving me wrong!




Peter you are so awesome !!!!!!!!

Thank you for travelling with me on my journey and capturing the best of me during the not so best of time in my life ... these photos have meant the world to me, you have no idea.




What a way to end my trip to Auckland than with an amazing shoot with Peter. I still cannot believe it is me in these photos. It is the most beautiful I have ever felt about myself.


Hey Peter!!

Thank you so much for everything. I thought it would be so hard and scary to do but you made it easy. Not once did I feel uncomfortable.  Thank you so much for helping me get out of my comfort zone.




OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are stunning!!!!!! I really cant thank you enough!!! In tears!!!

Michelle xxx



Peter, the way in which you capture the essence of a person is simply amazing. The angles, the shades, lighting, you take such pride in your work and it shows. You just capture it so well!!!


You have no idea how much this shoot means to me I have really walked away with my head held high you have inspired me so much and I'm happy you gave me this opportunity! Thank you so much in believing in me and seeing something special in me.

Your work is amazing and I will be so happy to shoot with you again.



I have just seen the pictures and they are beautiful You have done a beautiful job and am absolutely thrilled with them!! Thank you so much for making that day special and for capturing it so beautifully! So very happy, talented man
Hope you and family well, have a great rest of your week.




OMG!!!!  I just love them Peter.  You have really captured exactly what I wanted.  You are amazing

Thank you! Thank you! 

I will definitely share these.



To Peter & Rosemary,

Thank you both so much for everything you have done for me.  Such Amazing Photography!

And what I really liked was how nice & lovely you were which made me feel very comfortable =)

Keep up the great work!

All the best X

Hi Peter and Rosemary,

Thank you for the teasers, they are incredible!! Cant believe I can make such tricky poses look so effortless in the pictures ha ha. I have put the balance of my payment through tonight.

Thank you so, so much for working with me today - you two were amazing at making me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and i truly enjoyed every minute of my photo shoot. Am so excited to see the rest of the pictures and i know they will be stunning thanks to you guys!

Thanks again and have a lovely weekend,


Those ones are AMAZING!!! I love them to pieces!!! Wow! I cant wait to see the rest!!!!
I am so blown away, both the photography and the way I look is incredible! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Rosemary & Peter made it so easy to capture "My Moment in Time" Priceless memories made even more beautiful with there skill and patience. Thank you so so so much...love my Photo''s. Will be back!



Hi Rosemary & Peter,

Just an email to thank you so much for your hospitality and welcoming manner! You made me feel so comfortable and definitely had a great time today :)
Thanks so much - I'm sure the pics will look awesome - you guys are amazing! :P
Please let me know how I'll get the pics off you once you're done - really excited to see them :P

Kindest Regards

All i can say is WOW!! these are amazing i love them cant wait to see more, thank you so much! Awesome to work with you both!!! Not too sore at all which was good ha ha.


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