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Choosing A Photographer For Your Shoot

The concept of boudoir photography is not a new one. Boudoir photography has been around for many, many decades and appeals to women from all walks of life.

Contemporary boudoir photography is distinct from glamour and art nude photography. Boudoir photography is very different from the glamour photos you saw in the magazines in the past. It is OK to think the two styles are the same when you see them for the first time out of the context of the greater meaning but boudoir is more suggestive with its approach to nudity and has an emotional connection and meaning to the person in the images.

Finding "Your" Photographer

The emphasis here is “Your Photographer”. The photographer who is going to work for “you”, listen to “you” and deliver what “you” want and not what they think you should have. It’s all about “YOU”.

Having your portrait taken can be a challenging experience. It is not easy for most of us to act calm and natural when a big professorial camera is pointed at you, even when you're fully clothed. Being prepared is the best way to make sure your shoot goes well.

Part of this preparation is finding the right photographer. Be sure to find a photographer whose photos you already love (to just “like” them is not enough). Every photographer has formed their own style over the years through their work and experiences (hopefully). Any photographers style is influenced by their shooting space, environment, the style of lighting they use as well as their own personal life experiences (age, marital status, other people in their life etc). If your photographer does not match your own tastes and wants you will most likely be disappointed when you receive something which is less than what you were hoping for.

Check Their Reviews

It should be pretty easy to find reviews and testimonials on their website (hopefully they have one) or even Google Business reviews. Just be aware that with this style of photography clients are sometimes a little reluctant to leave a review which might reveal their identity (such as Google), especially if they are in business, have celebrity status or are in a particularly complicated relationship. Also be aware that an unusually large number of reviews might point towards a scripted or prompted review and form part of a contract signed with the photographer. Best thing is to ask around and use personal references where possible.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable Before You Book

I always recommend meeting with my clients before the shoot or before any actual commitment is made in regards to a final decision. We can meet at my studio where you can view shooting space, see how it all works and have a look at any props etc which might be used in your shoot. The most important thing is that you are 100% comfortable and have all your questions answered before you book. Boudoir can be an extremely vulnerable experience while also being very rewarding. You really are looking for the latter and the only way for you to get the very best pictures out of your session is to be comfortable working with your photographer.

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