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Shooting Boudoir With A Male Photographer!!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

This can be a scary and daunting scenario for some women and in some situations does warrant a bit of caution. I hear a lot of stories in my daily work, some very worrying.

Earlier this year I did a shoot with Rachel Rina White from TV 3's Dancing With The Stars. I had approached Rachel a year earlier to see if she would be interested in doing a shoot in my typical style. I had watched the show, I loved her style, very straight up and down, and to the point telling it like it is with no fussiness. She declined and to be honest it wasn't totally unexpected but what did surprise me to some extent was her reluctance to shoot a male photographer. Why??? Because it is one thing I can't change. I have a lot of control over most aspects of my shoots, environment, lighting, props, artistic approach etc but I can't change the male in me!!! I am stuck with that and to be honest in my profession it can be a hindrance.

What did surprise me was what happened one year later. I got a message from Rachel and she was ready!!! After a year of thought and letting it sink in a bit (with absolutely no contact) the "Male Photographer" was not what was holding her back anymore. In fact nothing was, we were set to get the shots she wanted and had taken a year to prepare for and that is exactly what we did. One of my most rewarding shoots of the year for me.

And so it is with a lot of women, there is always going be barriers to doing such a shoot but once the barriers are removed (or at least diminished) it becomes so much easier and doable although a bit of nervous excitement will always be normal.

It comes down to pros and cons and only you can decide what they are and what importance they rank in.

If you are interested in doing a shoot get in touch and let me know what your barriers are. Even if it is "Male Photographer".

And so to finish off I have this from Rachel herself.

I look forward to hearing from you.


"To be quite honest I was very apprehensive about doing a shoot with hardly any clothes on with a male photographer. Especially at the time, because I am a regular face on NZ’s favourite TV show!

But Peter made me feel 100% comfortable. He was so professional in every regard and not even 1% pushy! He constantly showed me photos on his camera that we took and took time to educate me on lighting and so much more.

I had my makeup artist come with me, so that way I felt safe but, I later told my makeup artist he can leave because I did feel comfortable. I also met Peter’s wife too and she was lovely and very supportive. Seriously girls, you have nothing to worry about !!

You are in great hands with Peter and you owe it to yourself to do something so wonderful and liberating!!!"


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