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What Helps Make A Great Image??

So what makes some images stand out more than others, to become great over average??? Some will say lighting and the resulting shadows (shadows are usually more important than the light itself).

This is the beautiful Brooke shot in "Studio B" lit with one light from above, a gridded strip light which is a permanent fixture in the studio specifically dedicated to this style of shot.

People often leave a shoot with a pic like this not realising it was ever a possibility for them but what takes this image from nice to great and so pleasing to

the eye???

Some people will say diagonals. Diagonal lines generally work well to draw the eye of an image’s viewer through the photograph. They create points of interest as they intersect with other lines and often give images depth and flow.

They can also add a sense of action to an image and add a dynamic look and feel. Studies have been done into how people view images and many of them say that a natural way into an image is by travelling left to right and so a diagonal line starting at the bottom left can be quite useful and natural.


And some people will say triangles.

Triangles are present, in one way or another, in almost everything we see – it’s just a case of distinguishing them and knowing what to do with them. They make great compositional tools as they’re easy to make and manipulate and are remarkably common.

The more you know about composition, the easier it becomes to start deconstructing the factors contributing towards how good a photo is (or isn’t).

Triangles are a great way of combining different compositional techniques, such as lines and paths, using them to create a more interesting aspect of a photograph.

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